Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coming soon!

Howdy-are you all as soggy as we are here? Sue Serio from Fox News (my morning ritual) said we are at almost 7 inches just for March! Doesn't this bode badly for tick season?? UGH!
I have been scouring the web for new-News from Weeks Dye Works is that they will be releasing 10 colors in 40 count linen soon! They will start with more neutral colors-Beige, Straw, Tin Roof, Confederate Grey, Angel Hair, Mocha, Parchment, Linen, Havana, and Putty...
Just Nan is releasing Spring Frills Humbug and Crystal Tulip Pin shortly...
Well, it's snowing now...I guess that will teach me for complaining about the rain!!
Have a good one!

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