Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sad News

Hello all-I guess I will never learn-don't look for trouble....Sad news has hit our industry...Kathy from Carriage House will be retiring soon-she is very talented-we have tons of models and charts from her-we will be able to get them only through July 1st of 2010...I am already starting to make a list of those I don't yet have...PLEASE be sure to get what you need--there will be a huge gaping hole in the cross stitch world but understandably she needs to do other things and we all know how short life can be...to Kathy, we at The Strawberry Sampler say Godspeed and we hope our paths meet again someday!

Sadly, Molly


  1. Molly! Is this the designer who does the Hawk Run series? If so, I'll be in soon to place my order for Summer and Christmas at Hawk Run (and Sabrina will definitely be with me!)!!

  2. Jacki-This is the designer of the Hawk Run series..see her designs available to us at www.hoffmandis.com or www.nordencrafts.com...I have started my list and am getting my order in tomorrow!!