Friday, March 12, 2010

New to my House!!! :)

Hi all! What news I have-there is a new little guy at my house-he's a cockapoo rescue-just 5 months old-tiny-about 6 pounds-just sweet as can be! He loves sitting in my lap-he loves his chow-he wants to be with the other dogs all of the time! Of course, my other two haven't quite figured out what this little rugrat is! Miss Sammy gives him a sniff and is thinking"Oh whatever! Another one!" and poor Mr Miley Coyote is scared..he, being a puppy mill rescue, hates ANY kind of change-they will come around-already they are starting to roam the yard together but OF COURSE we have to have a monsoon! Thanks Noah!! I haven't got a name yet-he's still "Puppy"...more on him later--
Now, on to the stitching-LOVE the Robin Hood design and the next ornament, both brought to you by Little House...
Received a really nice email from Caryn from Primitive Needleworks-she heard and then saw her new designs on the blog-LOVE them! Am going to get models done of several!!
Hope all is good with you all-can't wait to catch up on Project Runway this weekend-and just saw an add for Drop Dead Diva's return in June-have to tell Beth-she'll flip too-if you haven't seen it it is a fun show-I think Lifetime or Bravo...
Til Later--Molly :)


  1. OMG, he is absolutely adorable! Love him. I think you have a gaggle now! I love my Golden "Dale" but can't image more than one. I am impressed. Love the cross stitch too. Found you off of Deb's blog called "Thread Gatherer". Love finding new blogs to watch. Thanks for sharing Molly, Steph from Maryland

  2. Thanks Steph! I too love to search around and find new blogs!! Give your Dale a big hug frim me!!

  3. Hi Molly! Can't wait to show Reed the picture of the new pup! He's adorable!