Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Molly, Molly!!"

My bed is calling me today-after a long weekend in Vermont (and I'm on the go from the get-go there) to staying up too late last night (trying to catch up on Shear Genius-what's up with the host's accent?? I like to watch just to imitate her@!) to getting up at the crack o'dawn the the pups so they can play lots before I leave....a huge run on sentence-trying to convey my feelings of fatigue and total lack of motivation today!! Anyone else there??

Been looking for NEW...Sue Hillis has a Whitman's box design that will be released in April-a couple of the gals here have stitched a tin already-and they are adorable!
The above are new designs from My Big Toe-we are also going to carry some of their little scissor fobs-
We had a good time on Friday night at stitching-missed lots of gals but this time of year can be tough...We had a small group-sat with Lise, Beth and Nikki-a couple of new faces too---a big "Thank you" to all attendees!! It's fun to get together with you all-I'm already looking forward to April!!
Have a good one-I'm going to have to keep my car window open to make it home!
Til tomorrow--Molly

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