Monday, May 17, 2010

Are your ears burning?

Well, your ears should be burning today as Ruth Ellen, Beth, Lise and I were talking about our stitching night on Friday and what a great time we had--I must thank you all for coming out on what was a cruddy night during a crazy month--it was a blast!! There were 25 of us and even thought the room was buzzing Francine said to me"It is so peaceful here!" And she was right!! To Barbara-Thank you for the Coconut Creams-gone!! To Jacki (aka Jacqui!) thank you for the Hello Dollies-gone! To Cat and Nikki-thank you for your kind words!! To Linda, Rita, Jenna, Michelle, Jean, Barbara, Nikki, Sue,Jacki, Susan, Cat, Jessica, Eileen, Mary, Bonnie, Deanna, Eve, Podzi, Cheryl. Francine, Marian, Beth, Ruth Ellen and Lise-thank you for making it such a fun night-we didn't even pack up til 10:30 and even then we were slow in closing it down because we just didn't want to see it end!! Until next month--:) You all make me smile!! Molly

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