Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Howdy all-today is much like our wacky Wednesdays but in fact it is Tuesday-Mary Anne has the dropsies, my dogs and I almost ran into a young fox this AM (we did hear one last night at 11:30 PM), and what could go wrong here has...the good news for today was that Melba C and her friends came in! We got to talk about our Bichons-Melba's is Buddy! :) And then Ann N. (I had just been asking if anyone had seen her lately) stopped in too! So the day has improved! The above are futures from Amy Bruecken and By The Bay-check out Frankster-he is WitchiePoo's boyfriend (seen at the top)
Hope all is good with you all-and that you're not having a wacky Wednesday on Tuesday!!
Go Flyers! Wearing my orange in their honor!!

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