Thursday, May 6, 2010

Upcoming events

Hi all-while these won't get to us until June I wanted you to see these-beautiful!! Also wanted to post some upcoming events-the framing sale goes right through May so get your unframed pieces in for a healthy discount! See our front page for more info Friday the 14th is our Stitching at the Ford-5:30PM until sure to let us know if you can (or cannot) come-we are already counting down the days! Lastly, don't forget that Sunday is Mother's Day-and if you are lucky enough to have your mum be sure to call her or visit and tell her you love of our dear customers and friends just lost her mom...she came in yesterday as she said being here was like her cup of tea.
To my mum--Happy Mother's Day to a very special, giving, loving person and friend. You are the best! And to all of my friends that are moms or "moms" happy day to all of you-it is a special talent to be a mom (dog mom, kid mom, or "fill-in mom")...Love to you all and have a fan-tastic day! xoxoxo Molly

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