Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you part two!

I know, I know-so many of you have been waiting for Spring-not only the real season but also the Cricket Collection graph-well, it is due out mid-February so hold on-and I know around these parts we will see and feel a touch of Spring next week-Fox news said by Thursday we will be close to 60 degrees-and Miss Beth will miss it! That will be a tad warm for me-but it will get rid of all of the nasty ice in my back yard-if it weren't for YakTraks I would be sending those pups down into the yard alone-and can't do that with Mr Fox around!!
So again, I want to thank all of you that sent in orders, that have sent kind remarks, comments, support and love-I am running around here trying to figure out how the heck to get this all completed yesterday!! But with the wonderful help from Mary Ann, Phyllis, Nancy, Eileen, Connie, Stella and Lise I am treading...I do apologize if I haven't gotten to all of the emails-I am slowly making my way through-so if you sent one and haven't heard back, hang in there!
Along with Spring, look for La Mer (the sea) from Cricket Collection-won't Beth love that one? Great for a beach house-or like mine, a wanna-be beach house!!
So back to mail order and talk to you soon!

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