Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday that seems like Thursday!

Well, it's late and I need to head home but I wanted to get some newbies up-so many fabulous new things coming and more yet to be released! I want to get a newsletter out by Friday--is it do-able?? The bucket of mailorder is overflowing and the stack of items needing to be skued has reached new heights-what have I been doing?? Well, today was Lise's birthday-so Fresh Market cake was an early morning purchase-yummy! Lise and I were wondering if we have made it through all of their cakes yet-I had such a difficult decision-cupcakes or cake?? Well , the Sinful White Chocolate won (everyone at FM raves about it) and it was yumalicious!
Well above new-Mirabilia Red Lady Pirate, Country Stitches Easter Frills and Proverbs, Little House ornament #2 Bringing Home the Tree, Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean Creation and A Sampling By Anne--there are lots more-hopefully you will see a newsletter soon with tons of pictures-here's hoping!
Let us know if you are a go for stitching-at this point we have 8 committed-if we don't have ten we will have to cancel ( the cost of the room prohibits less than 10)
Okay, off to see my puppies-more later! Have a good night--Survivor vs Idol.....hmmmmm!

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  1. Wish I was there to be #9 in your stitch-in! I will be in that area starting March 21st. I will probably be there sometime that week then it's off to work I go! I hope to have a piece ready for framing by then.