Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank you!

Hi all-Thank you to all of you that came/emailed/ordered online to TSS on Sunday...we had sooo many familiar and new faces-so many lovely emails-so many nice comments-Thank you to Melba for bringing her new little fuzzy, Amiga-she is so sweet-I can't wait to see pictures of her in her many years of fun to come! To the sweet lady(I don't know your name) in the shop that commented on my stitching challenge-thank you!! To Liz T -thanks for allowing me "leeway" on my challenge!! To Barb W we loved your comments on our not so favorite FB player-we totally, totally agree here!! We will be sending out an email today (hopefully) -with any luck I am going to try to get it out as Beth is heading to New Zealand and I will be the one sending out info-so ahead of time, wish me luck on my temporary job!! I'm thinking I'm gonna need it, folks!!

The above are coming later this month from The Drawn Thread! Gorgeous as always!!

Have a good day and again, we can't thank you all enough !!


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