Monday, May 4, 2009


Another grey day here in SE PA-but Beth, Lise and I are pretending we're in sunny Bora Bora today-ordering up a few drinks at the swim-up bar and deciding whether we should hit the casinos tonight or catch a show...

In reality, I am ordering more fabric, Beth is stretching fabric for the inside of her Cici's casket (see photo tomorrow)...her new big project is The Sewing Chest of Nantucket Sister Sailor Sarah Elliot (I think she is compensating for something with all of these "chests"...hmmmmm)...she's into large, I'm into these With Thy Needle/Country Stitches (http://www.countrystitchesonline/) little creatures--there is a new Hoot Owl (supposedly the new "in" creature is the owl :) ) ...I can't wait!! I am almost finished with the heart and am set to stitch the bird (ABC Pinkeep)... Until tomorrow-enjoy your day-don't let anyone give you any wooden nickels!! :) Molly

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