Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Ah-we're beginning to get too used to all of this rain-reports that a large firey ball (read the sun) may appear sometime in the next few days are making us nervous!! We're starting to think we're on an episode of "The Twilight Zone". If I hear Rod Serling's voice I may cry...

I have pictures today of Beth's stitching-she is amazing-two gorgeous projects finished (makes me feel totally incompetent with my little bunny and heart! Nahhh-that only lasted five seconds!)The casket is a design by The Drawn Thread ...the bellpull is also by The Drawn Thread-it is Tocatta Four ( in three parts) but she stitched it vertically instead of each part horizontally.

Phyllis stitched "Ah Spring" in DMC and WDW (three skeins for her dress!). It makes us happy to stitch pretty, spring designs...New to us is the Loose Feathers design, The Simple Things...pretty colors and makes us forget the humdrums we see out our window!!

Until Friday-enjoy your friends and family-they are our flowers in life...Molly

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