Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday! We are inching our way to the weekend-Beth, Eileen and I will be working tomorrow-we would love to see you!! We have been getting inundated with framing--it is a great time to take advantage of our sale! If you need details check our is once a year event so don't miss out!! Offer ends May 30th.

We just found out that "Thank You, Sarah Tobias" is again available-so if you didn't get a copy on the first go-round be sure to order one quickly-we are thinking this might be a limited run again.

Some new goodies that are in-stock or due to arrive here soon are pictured here-two new ones from Little House (yahoo!) -"Fresh Watermelon" and "Colonial Women"and Plum Street" Rubie Owl's Sampler". From With Thy Needle/Country Stitches come "Spooky Hollow", "Schoolgirl Lessons", "Flag Day", and "Sheltering Tree"...Lots of good designs heading our way-let us know if there is anything we can get for you!!

Until Monday, have a good weekend and if you have time, stop in and visit us on Saturday!!


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