Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrific Tuesday


Hope you are enjoying this glorious day as much as we are-Makes all of those rainy days worth it??!
Big news--One of our very dear customers stopped in on Saturday to give us the great news that she and her husband are expecting their first child this November!! A huge congratulations, Danielle!! We know you'll be a great Mom!! We can't wait to have him/her come visit us-we have watched many of your children grow in front of our eyes (Carly and Stevie are two I have watched)...we are amazed at how quickly they grow!
Hoffman Distributing has some great new items-see the pictures for just a few goodies-be sure to check back to our website often.
The month of May seems to always be chock full o' activities-school concerts, recitals, weddings, graduations...Beth and I volunteer at the Devon Horse Show to add insult but actually we love it-we get greasy (we work in the hamburger/french fry booth!) but we work with a bunch of friends...if you're there stop by and say "hi"!! Needless to say, my hands get itchy to get home and stitch during this month-it eases the tension and allows my head to download...I'm sure you feel the same--
So I say to you-be sure to take time for yourself-pull out your stitching and enjoy this perfect day-
Until later this week--Molly

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  1. Molly,

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in the blog. You made my day. I was telling everyone that I made it on the Strawberry Sampler's blog!