Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October!

Good morning all! I forgot to say "rabbit rabbit" this AM-an old superstition started long ago-supposed to bring good luck if said first thing on the first day of the month-now my "dropsys" will continue-hopefully that's all! And now I must wait 'til Nov!!

Worked like a mad woman trying to get stuff skued-almost finished!! EGADS!! Above-Lizzie Kate's three Blox, Sarah Woodham, and the newest designs from Blackbird(seen on their blog)-they have three new books which should be to the shop on Friday (OMG that's tomorrow!!)...They will not at this point have a Christmas stocking book-they did , however, have FAB ideas in the books as to things you can do with the designs besides just stitching them!!! Be sure to see them!!
Also above are several new colors in from Picture This Plus fabrics-my new choice in over dyed fabrics-they have spectacular colors!!!! And just lovely to stitch on-
Well, off today-laundry, stitching and playing with my pupmysters!! Gonna catch up on Drop Dead Diva, Project Runway, Top Chef, and Survivor..and them to top that off-to the Phils game to celebrate their NL East championship--YAHOO!! Have a great day---Molly

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  1. Happy Shopaversary to the Strawberry Girls!!! How lucky you all are to be working where your passion lies! I'm sitting here drinking apricot-ginger tea, drooling over my keyboard...wanting to be in your shop SO BAD!! My husband has the car so I won't be able to make it until either this Saturday or possibly next weekend. PURE TORTURE!!
    See you soon.........