Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi all-Another busy week has flown by-Nemo had surgery this week (neutering) and so he's got his helmet on (aka halo)-my poor Sammy and Miley are terrified of him when he has it on-he is like a little alien to them! I think he thinks he is styling when he has it on-but boy, is he thrilled when it comes off!!
I pulled out my ABC Hornbook yesterday and I was right-I have down to the M is for Mermaid section finished-I stitched the Nightingale and Peach yesterday-it was fun to see it-As I hang with the pups this weekend I will be working on it-we'll see how much I can accomplish!
We received more of the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ornament issue-so if you didn't get one we still have some-I have put one aside for me-it is the best one so far (I think this is year three?)
Have a super weekend!! Enjoy the gorgeous weather!


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