Thursday, August 19, 2010

Previews from Blackbird and Shakespeare's Peddler

Hi all-Above is the next in Blackbird's Anniversaries of the Heart-I love the swans--I used to watch the swans (black and white) up at the Cape-so very elegant they now I'm on the watch for any patterns with swans...below is a bonus pattern which accompanies the above pattern--both are gorgeous!
If you haven't heard many designers are in the process of creating "friends" for the now famous Jenny bean...she is quite the popular girl, you know!! There will be all sorts of great designs coming-the picture below is one of Jenny's to be released at the upcoming market in St Charles... Beth and I are slated to go-we've been two years in a row now and love this market-full of great ideas, products, designers, distributors...Speaking of which...we are trying to decide where to stay, where to eat--does anyone out there have experience in the St Charles/St Louis area? we are taking recommendations!

Well, off to Brian's birthday party and then off to Mom and Dad's for a visit-am going to help them take their Zoe to Tufts for another round of chemo...she is doing good for now, thank goodness!
Have a good weekend and I will return on Thursday-if I get a chance I will update over the next few days--Godspeed to all!
PS Had a great visit from Peggy Lee-what a fun person!

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  1. Love the new releases!
    I had a blast with you girls yesterday, now if I could only find some reliable internet service so I can blog about it!
    Did the shop smell like something burnt when you openend the door this morning?
    Hee heeee