Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home again jiggity jog

Hey all-sorry I didn't get to the blog over the weekend-we did get Mom and Dad's doggie, Zoe to Tufts for her chemotherapy treatment...they have a terrific center with such a great staff-very caring...but I have to say I am too much of a marshmallow with animals...I have way too much empathy! I have had my share of trips to a center closer to home, Metropolitan...what a fabulous place that is-I am fortunate to be close to it...Good news that Zoe's concition is stable and that the chemo seems to have slowed the progression for now. :)
Anyhoooo-I am home and my own pups were so happy to see me-they all squealed (I'm not kidding when I say that either!)...and back to work I am with a big smooshy grin on! Yeah!
Well, things here are okay-I did miss stitching on Friday night and that completely had me bummed....I will not miss again, if I can help it!
The above are new from By The Bay, 1XStitch and PrimitiveBetty...and now Beth and I are gearing up for the cross stitch show in St Charles/St Louis...we love to see all of the new designs, we love to catch up with the designers, meet new designers, look for new ideas...Thank you to Deb F for all of the info you sent to us on the St Louis/ St Charles area...
Well, sorry if this blog is disconnected-still trying to find the "on" switch to my brain-yuck!
Hope all is good with you all--will check in tomorrow-and thanks for stopping by here-happy evening to you all!
PS What's up with the Houston Astroes and why do they always seem to spoil our fun??

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