Friday, August 27, 2010

New from Homespun Elegance

Happy Friday--Hope you have as beautiful a day where you are as we have---the back door is open and we are soaking in the autumnal weather (don't say this where Beth is in armshot-she is not a fan of leaving this sauna summer we've had-don't understand that at all!)
We received several new, fabulous designs from Homespun Elegance with a cute, cute freebie (the design seen at the top)...Love the Witchville design-I am sooo into Halloween (like you couldn't tell that, huh??!)
Well, the Phils are finished with the Astros, thank goodness...I didn't get to watch any of the series but what I heard sounded painful...ugly...but I won't lose faith! They can do this-get to the playoffs...
All is good with the pups...thank you to all that ask about Nemo-he's fully recovered from his surgery and back to his crazy self...
Well, off to make some skus...will post more new as soon as it appears!
Have a great weekend-enjoy the weather and each other!

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  1. I have to admit I'm with Beth there! I like it just hot and humid enough so I'm having a slight problem breathing, but not enough to keep me indoors! I know...I'm SICK!!