Monday, August 9, 2010

New With Thy Needle and Little House

Well, howdy to all-hope you had a good weekend-what a nice day Saturday was--Nemo is doing great-I tried to give him as much time as possible without his helmet on--Miley Coyote and Sammy-girl won't play with him once his cone is on :( So I played referee all weekend, making sure the play wasn't too rough, the running too hard, the licking/chewing (sorry to be gross!) was inbounds...but worth it so they could have fun! They make me laugh-they make getting up early in the morning fun!
So now to the stitching (which was not to be done this weekend!)...Little House will be releasing a fabulous Family Sampler-you will have the ability to personalize it with a surname, first names, pets , children...I love this one! And as a gift it would be terrific!!
New from With Thy Needle/Country Stitches are three more--Fraidy Felix will be a great companion to Boo Cat-and Felix has a cute little pocket! I love how they are doing these little Christmas bags--St Noel just arrived and that too is a bag with Santa on the front...Fruit for a Song-perfect for gardeners and for all of us that grow veggies and fruit not just for ourselves but also for the birds and other critters ( for me it is chippies and foxes)...
Hope all is good with you all-be on the lookout for news Wednesday...exciting!
Molly :)

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  1. Molly! What's the surprise?! You're killing me!!