Wednesday, August 12, 2009

08/12/09 JBW designs

Good morning-We had an order from a dear customer (thank you, Reda!) and it got me thinking-there are so many neat designs from Judy Whitman, aka JBW Designs...have you seen them? And there is potential in stitching companion pieces-that's what Reda is doing-she is stitching a bunch of smaller pillows of the "girly" designs-purses, shoes and hats! Very sweet!! And the two sets of trees at the top are brand new for '09...stitched over two or one--
The photo contest will begin soon-I have the camera poised and several projects are here and will be snapped today--keep checking back for more info--
Have a good day and stay cool-we only have a few more short weeks of this!! Molly

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