Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get Your Needles Ready!!

Oh my goodness-which one to start on first?? There are soooo many great designs new from Lizzie Kate that my decision isn't what to buy but where to start???? Of course, being the BIG fan of polar bears I do know which but then what?? Linda, you outdid yourself!! And Christmas presents will I have ready for friends and family!!
How's the day going? Are you just ready for autumn days? We joke with our UPS brown man, Andy, by asking him "Is it hot enough for you yet?" because we know he gets asked that hundreds of times a day-actually we've been asking him about the roads as that's what he gets asked in the winter-so we're changing it up for him...he says he would like to work here as we are always having a great time-how could you not being surrounded by great people and lots of fun projects--speaking of which I am still trying to get my contest together-I have a few more staff projects to photograph... And don't forget about our "stitch in" on Sept 18th...we have had several people already sign up and more checking--let us know if you are interested or if you need directions-it is $15.00 for the evening-that includes pizza-YUM!
Well off to find more "new"-tomorrow I'm home playing with my puppies (I will get some new photos of them too) and lots of stitching too (while they're napping :) ) ...Have a fabdabulous day!! Molly

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