Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming soon from Bent Creek

Greetings again! Saw these and HAD to get them up for you to see....note the adooorable little kitty on the pumpkin...We have been having trouble getting the owl, bees and squirrel from Hoffman but my girl Bethie is getting them for us from Norden-you go, Beth!! SO...for those of you that haven't started this (and for you, Reda, you've been waiting so patiently for Mr Owl) we will have the three tomorrow and the fourth very soon. Beth has guessed that the fifth (and final) piece will be a nest of birdies-what do you think?? How about some ladybugs??
Am finishing up two frames-one for a Christmas piece by JBW and one for Jennifer at Ladybug Lane-look for both to debut in September or October!
More soon-Molly

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