Monday, August 3, 2009

Back from OBX !!

Greetings to all from lovely Glen Mills-it is sooooo good to be back-had a great trip to OBX (if you've never been-GO)...The trip was good, the company fantastic-but I am never so happy as at home with my dogs and in my routine. Call me crazy-go ahead. I love the beach and someday want to live close to it but for now, I'm content in Humidland!!

Some new items had arrived since my departure--Homespun Elegance, Blackbird, Val's, Monsterbubbles, and By the Bay to name a few...and the Shepherd's Bush kits arrived (finally!) today and I'm loving the Finch Song one-to my pile it must go!!
Hope you all have been well--I did a little stitching while I was away but time didn't permit me to do more-now that I'm home.....:)
Take care and enjoy your stitching and your summer-more tomorrow!! Molly

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