Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Ribbon Releases and More News

Good afternoon!! Three new designs from Blue Ribbon are due Wednesday along with the AUGUST Stocking book from Blackbird (YEAH!!)...I have shown the front and backs of the "Smalls" that go with two of the graphs as well as the designs for the third done as little ornaments--too sweet! They all look fun to stitch! I have also included three new designs from a company new to us-Dragonfly Designs-they are vintage looking designs-love them!!
Beth sent out an awesome newsletter (see the "Newsletter" on our website if you don't subscribe)-she has been working on our website-she and Ruth Ellen have been working on ideas for our 30th (!) Anniversary!! Be sure to read it and check out all of the great pictures too!! The last pic on the blog is Waxing Moon's May (in their new series)...
Lovely weather here today-low, low humidity and temps in the 70's...Doggies slept great last night with just the window open-Mr Miley ate fuzz from his toy gecko last night and scared the bajeezes out of me-thought he might get blocked but Lise informs me that no, often the cure for pups eating "bad" items is cotton balls-phew!! He's still such a puppy!! Hope you all are good and enjoying this taste of autumn!! :) Molly

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  1. Wow! Love these Halloween designs! I may have to stitch one (or three). Thanks for keeping me up to date on all these fabulous new patterns! Meredith