Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New From Mirabilia

Brand new from Mirabilia is Shakespeare's Fairies....getting ready to enter autumn with their Chinese lanterns...the fairies of Shakespeare's works would disappear around All Hallow's Eve (Halloween) here they are enjoying the last days (like us!!) before Halloween!!
Connie just came in from the outside and expressed how steamy it is out there-but it is hard to believe how quickly August is flying...I hope you are finding time to stitch-I am hoping tonight will be my time!!
Take care and hopefully I'll more new to report tomorrow-don't forget to check your schedule--Friday September 18th at the Chadds Ford Historical Society 5:30PM-10Pm-see the blog below about "Stitching in the Ford"....Molly :)


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  2. The new Mirabilia is beautiful. Thanks for giving us all these peeks!