Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New from Little House!

New from Little House due out soon-we here at the store love both but have a huge affinity towards the second-several of us have lost a beloved furry friend lately and the above piece pulls at our heartstrings! I am going to stitch it for my buddies Shelby and Oliver, two doggies that used to LOVE their walks together every morning. I lost Shel last July and Oliver this February and even writing this makes me teary....I will always miss them-they become such devoted companions...thank goodness I have Sammy and Miley...I never take any of my little buddies for granted as our pet's lives are too short.
There will be another new graph from Little House that is going to fabulous-it will be a larger design about reading and a library....check out what she has to say on her website and blog( with a link there to her blog)....
The weather here has been very warm-I flew back from NH last night into the storm-thought it would be cooler but I think we'll have to wait a bit for that!!
Take care-Molly

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