Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy Wednesday

Hi all-So sorry I haven't been blogging as frequently-I have been trying to get caught up after taking a day off-hope you all have been good-I have my camera chip here so I want to get more pics up but that may have to hold til Fri-Have a bunch of mailorders to work on today and so far haven't made it to that desk...I thank you all for all of your Christmas orders, for stopping in, for all of your kind words about the blog and newsletters...Beth does a fabulous job and is the greatest to work for and beside!!
The above is from Country Cottage-it will be in installments starting in August...Love the autumnal colors...
Went to the game last night-what a great one to see! But have we now lost Victorino?? Between he and Jimmy Rollins being out I am concerned...But perhaps it is enough to keep Jayson?? And then I got home to find The Princess Bride of my favorite movies...too late a night!!
Well, off to start the mailorder-take care and I will post more later today or Friday!

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