Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New from JBW

Hi all-Hope you all are good and staying comfortable-God bless all that work outside-ugh! Our regular UPS guy, Andy, is off this week and I'm happy for him-although we have his substitute-he's okay, just a bit hurry up Andy and get back to us-but not before you put in for cooler temps!
Beth has been working on a newsletter and I have been working on frames and mail order-Lise got us lunch and our new fav snack, Cinnamon Crispies, from the "crack store"-Beth calls the Fresh Market this as the food is totally addictive--their rotisserie chicken salad, the Strawberry Spinach Salad, and Almond Puff Croissants are just a few of my favorites so far-Beth, Lise and I are thinking of getting part-time jobs there!! I would get fired for too much taste-testing, I promise you!!
The above are new and instock from JBW-Judy has wonderful designs and we love these!!
Interesting news today-Lindsay Lohan is upset because she received sentencing of 90 days in prison ??!!! Lebron will be on TV for an hour tonight to tell us about his decision??!! And they still haven't decided about Michael Vick ??!! Amazing!!
Take care and have fun with your stitching!! Molly

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  1. These are all sooo pretty- like everything from Judy!