Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi to all-Hope you all are feeling the relief of more tolerable weather-I took a couple of days off and cleaned up the yard-I know, what poor timing-but you have to do what you have to do!! And the yard was a mess...My friends all think I'm crazy but I was glad to get back to work today-says lots for the job and my gal pals here!!

Started trolling for more new-found these Erica Michaels that will be in soon-- Also new Halloween coming from Glendon Place...I may have put this picture up-forgive me if I did!

Really proud of the Phils this weekend-my picture at the top is of Jayson Werth-one of my favorites-and I am fearful that his time with the Phillies may be coming to an end...I know we need pitching-but folks, we had Cliff Lee...still can't let that one go-and we shouldn't have let him go!!
Well, off to home-more tomorrow-Hats off to Ab, Beth, and Catherine for your staunch support of your own boys in baseball!! :) Molly

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