Friday, July 16, 2010

New Prairie Schoolers

Yahoo! The new Prairie Schoolers are here-and the 2010 Santa with skis-I had a feeling she was doing a ski thing-very sweet-also love, love the books-esp the two Christmas ones and October-Looking forward to stitching tonight-lots of people are coming so it will be fun...
All of the work people are FINALLY out of my has been months since the they started so it will be a long stretch until all is back in place...did you ever see the movie, The Money Pit?? It is absolutely one of my favorites...esp the scene with Tom Hanks after he has poured the water into the tub and then gets laughing hysterically... I am laughing now as I sit here thinking about it! But for anyone that has had any work done on an apartment/house or what-have-you it is a must see-
Well, off to do more mail order--take care, have a good weekend and if you are enduring the same weather, remember to put cool water down for your pups!! Thanks for visiting!!

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