Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi all-I hope this finds you doing okay-I was watching Sue Serio on Fox News this AM and it sounds (UGH) like we are in for another heat wave next week-what is up?? Are we near the end or what?? A friend of mine said this is similar to the Twilight Zone episode from long ago-do you all remember it? I guess the paintings on the walls start to melt!!
I found these two "newbies" on the blogs of By The Bay and Little House-I think By The Bay's Blossom's and Bee's should be out within the month of July...Little House is doing a series of samplers that aren't reproductions but have elements of them-the first is Sarah Street-which is also due out this month!! Both designs are on my wish list!
Pups are doing good-Little Nemo and Mr Miley are getting their running done first thing in the morning-with Sammy telling them to settle down-she's my little assistant-I have been watering my tomato plants each night-Nemo LOVES to drink from the watering can! An outdoor watering hole just for him!!
Take care and take the opportunity to get some stitching time in for you!!
PS Thank you for your emails, orders and comments--We appreciate all of you so very much!!

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