Friday, July 9, 2010


Once again, it's Friday and this weekend is the first I've had off in weeks! Big smushy smile!! My yard looks like Jack has thrown down some of his magic beans-huge weeds that have grown as high as the first floor windows-UGH! So if my energy is high tomorrow that is where I shall be!! Unless I cave to my stitching-I worked on my Prairie Schooler Christmas Eve-I am loving it-will try to get updated photos up next week...
A big thank you to Nikki for bringing us chocolates from Las Vegas(mostly for Lise, our framer-she helped her out with cool box for a gift for her dad) was fun to see her, as always! Also here today were Sue and Susan (with little Carly-adorable with her suitcase of pens, pencils and Princess case-she sat so quietly and worked so diligently on her drawings!)...
And Catherine was here with two of her boys-they are growing so quickly-and Reed, Mr Miley owes you another note-I think he'll be working on it this weekend!!
I can't believe that Stitching at the Ford is next week already-let us know if you are coming!!
Until Monday, have a good weekend-'til we meet again, thanks for stopping in!!
BTW The above are coming from Primitive Needle and Arachne's Silken them!

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