Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good morning to all! I hope you all are well...Barbara stopped by Saturday and yesterday and told us how much fun she had Friday night at stitching-in fact her husband told her it was the happiest she had looked in a long time(she had a bad accident that almost took her life! We are soooo grateful to have her with us still!)...Joanne stopped in yesterday and told me she had been praying for my dad-and that she, being in the health care industry, has seen lots of Pericarditis...she gave me lots of hope...Then I heard from Catherine-I can't believe that her team is Green Bay too (and now Minnesota!!)...I knew she was a keeper!! Mary emailed me to say that she found her missing box of needles and like me had found them under a counter. You all are so wonderful-you keep me charged and looking forward to each new day! Thank you for your emails, thoughts, prayers, and friendship!! I love you all!! Have a wonderful, sunny Wednesday! Molly
PS The above stitching designs are brought to you by: Country Cottage (Little Boy Blue and Little Bo Peep), Just Nan (Winter Hearts Humbug and Snowflake Pin and Owl Pin), and Samsarrah/Just Another Button Company (Month of Teaspoons-January will be available soon!)

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