Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hi Reed!

Dear Reed...I am so sorry I have not written to you sooner...I have been chewing on my tree that grew up fast in my living room. It has all sorts of pretty lights and funny toys hanging off it-do you have one of these too? It also has a dish of water under it that is fun to drink (SIDEBAR-not to worry, because of my dogs I don't add anything to the water-didn't want you all to loose sleep!) I also have been playing with my toys that my Grammie sends me-I got a singing Rudolph, a singing snowman and another red ball that squeaks when I squeeze you have a Grammie? Did you get any new toys? I wish we could meet some day and play with our toys...but I'm also very scaredy of people...I trust my mommy now 'cause she is always giving me kisses! I send you licks and will send you a new picture of me in the big snow we had-did you have big snow too? Love-Mr Miley Coyote

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  1. Dear Mr. Miley Coyote,

    Thank you for writing the note to me. Have a Happy New Year! I hope you play with your toys a lot. I do have a Grammie, but I call her Grandma. We did have a big snow.


    You should have seen Reed's face when he read this post! Reed had to write back straight-away and I had to be his typist!