Monday, January 25, 2010

Recipe for Chai Tea

Well, I am mourning the fact that Minnesota is NOT going to the Stupidbowl-They didn't play their best game, too many mistakes...but as my dad said that game was the Superbowl...that was a great game to watch...
I have had several requests to post the recipe for the Chai Tea-here is the link These four pics are previews from Cherrywood Designs....Also heard that Primitive Needle will have four more designs (did I already tell you this?? Sorry if I did) Moon Sicke, Black'd Skie, Cape Cod Boys and Her Wicked Best ( a book with three different designs)...also there will be a new freebie...
Hope you are staying afloat today-I left my home this AM with water dripping (read more like draining) down the dining room window, onto the window sill (THIS IS INSIDE!!) and onto the floor (WOOD!) What a mess I will be going home to tonight! UGH! Guess I need new windows-anyone have an extra couple thousand??!
Molly :0

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