Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stocking Designs

Greetings-I am back to work-I was in Vermont to check on my dad-he's doing okay-he still doesn't have lots of energy but his breathing is back to normal and he has lost so much of the built up fluid. I picked up a cold in the process but am on the other side of it now. It was great to get back to my doggies, my home, my bed! And back to work. I am soooo lucky (and I thank God every day!) to have a job and a job I love! Up in Vermont the unemployment is huge-the shelters are full and the drives for food are increasing. The animals that need placement/homes are numerous nationwide. The gals that come in to help my parents along with my parents have been instrumental in placing several horses and many dogs and cats. As one of the gals, Sue, who placed many dogs and cats after Hurricane Katrina, said..."One at a time." My wish is that we wouldn't have to have homeless people or pets. Please do what you can to help. Let me step down off the box now.
The above pictures are more detailed pictures of all three stockings in the new Blackbird books due in here on Thursday...Fabulous!!
Don't forget Friday is Stitching at the Ford-we already have a good list going-please let us know if you are coming so we can prepare the room, order enough pizza, etc. We hope to see you there--Until then--take care!! Molly

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