Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday to all! And thank you for all of your email virtual vacation ideas! They all sound soooo good!

Thought I would get some new pics up-Jacki, I knew you would want to see the last installment on the O Christmas Tree piece-all of the above should be in the shop by next Thursday...good to see the stockings for November and December....

Stay warm this weekend...don't forget that next Friday is Stitching at the Ford!!! Molly


  1. Ooohhh!! You know I want those stocking books!
    Reed just came in and asked if "that doggie" wrote him back! How cute is that?!?

  2. Molly! Thanks for posting the pic of the "O Christmas Tree"! It's so freaking cute. I'll have to stop in next week, if I can, and pick them up. If can always add them to my order if it hasn't already gone out.

    I'm hoping to make it this Friday for stitching night....any requests from you ladies for a baked goodie? Let me know!

    Jacki :)

  3. Hi girls-Thanks for your comments! Jacki-I will throw one into your order if it hasn't gone out! Looking forward to seeing you on Fir-baked goodies--hmmmm-ANYTHING!!!