Friday, January 22, 2010

New from Lizzie Kate

Howdy and Happy Friday! Had a BUSY day yesterday getting errand s done and now lots to cross off my list! Yahoo! Got Mr Miley and Sammy-girl two new toys-little sherpa bones-Miley played with his all day yesterday and slept with both of them close...this morning Sammy was tired of hearing the squeaker so she quickly put a hole in it-I'll have to do some surgery!
Lizzie Kate will be sending these to us soon-I love the Cat Lessons-I hope she does a doggy one next!! I put the first three green pictures up-I wanted to show them stitched solo so you could see them done both ways.
I see that Hoffman has He's a Flake in-we have had SOOO many requests for it-I promise I'll order tons and they should be in on Wednesday...Have a good day--Molly

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