Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello and happy Monday-I keep wanting to go check the mail!! UGH! I never am that interested in going out to the mail...but today...
Beth and I are ordering goods today and I found a few more new goodies-they should be rolling in within the next few weeks-Hinzeit, Pine Mountain, and Shakespeare's Peddler-the name at the bottom of the sampler is actually Shakespeare's daughter according to Theresa...I love this one-was working on my Jenny Bean Halloween this weekend (read Sunday-was here working Saturday!!) while watching (read listening ) to the football games---GO MINNESOTA!! Everyone here knows I am a huge Green Bay fan...ever since I was a little girl...but I also had to include Minnesota as Brett now plays there...was happy to see him win!!
Well, back to work now-hope you all are good...will get more up tomorrow!!

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  1. OMG! Molly, I didn't know you were a Green Bay fan?!?!? I have followed Green Bay for many, many moons! And of course I am now cheering for Brett, oops, I mean Minnesota...

    The boys are trying to get me to give them my Green Bay Brett Farve jersey! And how's this - I have in my pantry an unopened jar (it's so old, no one would want to open it now) of Gilbert Brown peanut butter! Do you remember when he played for Green Bay!