Thursday, January 7, 2010

New kits from STICKS

Good morning! New kits are coming from STICKS-I had seen some of their furnishings and loved them! Now you can stitch one of their designs (and much less expensive than the furniture)....the kits will be $16.00.
Be sure to see the website contest-the virtual vacation-to win the $50 gift certificate you must woo us on the vacation you would love to take but probably can't afford (time or $)...every year Beth and I drool over Tahiti as the flakes fall here. We definitely won't award the prize to a Snowy Aspen getaway-the only white we want to hear about is the salt on your Margarita glass or the sand under your toes!! Think us too picky?? We're already tired of being dressed like the Pillsbury dough boy!! We want to hear about far-off sunny paradise!!
Have a good day and email us your ideas!!

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