Monday, October 19, 2009

Afternoon, stitchers! What a great game (if you're a Phillies fan!!) last night was...I flew back form seeing my dad after her had a pacemaker implanted...we flew past the stadium last night and how exciting it was to see the PHILLIES sign from above!! Dad is doing really well-it's amazing how they have progressed with pacemakers!!
I want to say THANK YOU to all that came last Friday night for stitching-what fun it was (even though the Phils lost and played terribly)....Thank you to Karen for bringing cookies and for all of your fun was good to see Nikki and Catherine again-I love to see what you're stitching and I am now gathering my Jenny Bean stitching goods because of seeing Catherine' was nice to meet Lanee and to hear her laughter!! To Ruth and Marian, it was like old times, wasn't it?? To Cheryl, I thank you for all of your help cleaning up! To Sue, I am sooo glad you came-I always enjoy your company!! And I would love to do an after party!! To Lise and Ruthie I appreciate your help, support and schlepping. And to Beth, glad you are are feeling better and we missed you!! To all that couldn't come (Nicole, Mary W, Podzi ) we missed you and hope we see you on the 20th of November-mark your calendars now!!
The stitching you see here is from Erica Michaels, Cherished Stitches, and Crescent Colours. Kim--you must have the magic ESPN!! You ask Friday and Hoffman picks it up!! Yeah!! Hope you all are having a good day and GO PHILS!!

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  1. Oooohh! I want the pattern at the top of this page!! I had a great time Friday night and this time the boys went easy on me, no overflowing toilets - just had to unclog twice!