Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, MOM!!

Afternoon, stitchers and friends-I have perusing my cookbooks for a new chicken recipe and have found four to decide on before heading to the grocery--I haven't been to the store for what seems like centuries! I have been spending the morning with the pups-throwing Mr. Miley's favorite red ball that his Grammy bought him-recovering from the late nights of cheering for our fab Phillies!! What a team!! Above I have posted one from Plum Pudding, one from Blue Ribbon, and a new one just out from Shakespeare's Peddler that is in her Jenny Bean series-ADOORABLE!!! Also out is the top one from Marking Sampler...hope you all are good-stay well and get some rest before next week's WORLD SERIES!! GO PHILS!! And Happy Birthday, Mom!!
My best to you-Molly

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