Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ObviosLEE we don't have to CHASE the pennant any MOYER but we still have to figure out HOWARD going to bring another one home. We have to keep ROLLINS up the STAIRS because it's WERTH yelling with our hands in the EYRE and hanging off the LIDGE because it will all end in A VICTORINO in 2009. If they follow the MANUEL the PHILLIES fans will be HAPPy and we will RAUUUL...Go Phillies!!!!

I received this via my e-mail and thought you all might like this!!

Thank you to all of you that sent orders in today-we were so thrilled to see the support for the Phillies, the interest in Little House and Country Cottage and the number of you that have made this Anniversary month so successful...we can't thank you enough for the kind words and for the business you have given us...we are deeply grateful!!

Enjoy the game tonight and GO PHILLIES!!

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