Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday!

Good afternoon-Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday (although today had elements of wackiness!!) On our website there will be a link-I think it is going to be our Halloween graphs-and there are sooo many great new and old Halloween designs-I heard one customer today say, "How many Halloween pictures do I need?" to which I say "TONS" as there are so many that can now stay up yearlong! Jenny Bean, Halloween Hornbook, Witches Hollow, Fall's Gifts....I could go on....but I know you all have more to do than just read my crud!! Posted are two of Mirabilia's designs....How great were the last two Phillies games??? How mad was I that I again fell asleep last night?? I am getting too OLD!!
Hope you all are good!! GO PHILLIES Molly


  1. Hey Molly! I have the same falling asleep problem -although somehow I managed to wake up right at the beginning of the bottom of the 9th! Hope Beth is feeling better!

  2. Hey Catherine! I have to stay up tonight!! Beth is feeling better-she and I are hoping for a win tonight!! Have fun watching tonight!!