Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wacky Wednesday-DESIGNER SALE-Country Stitches/WIth Thy Needle

I almost forgot to post the Designer of the day-during our anniversary month if you order any patterns by the Designer each pattern is 30% off!!! Today-Wednesday the 7th of October the Designer is With Thy Needle/Country Stitches...These are just a few of their designs-they have fab punch needle, dimensional pieces and adorable pictures-they are definitely one of my see more of their designs go to And be sure to place your order today for your discount...:) Molly


  1. Just wanted to say HI to sweet Miley Coyote and Sammy!!!


  2. Hi Jennifer! I will tell them you send your love! Mr Miley actually let me kiss him this AM before I left for work-another break through!! Hope all is good with you!!!