Friday, October 9, 2009

Good day stitchers! I'm sorry I haven't gotten Just Nan's newest up-love her Owl, Hootzi Humbug-graph comes with terrific finishing instructions-she also has a couple of new pins -a robin, Carlotta's web (a spider and web-very cool!),an owl, and she has found more hedgehogs-terrific as we had several people that missed out! We ordered two of the Noela's Christmas Berry (the bird which opens-inside you can stash the berry you stitch or you can hang it from her beak and stash something else in there!!! )-well, one already sold and Nan is sold out-if you are interested don't wait-we have already sold out of EEK-the Lizzie Kate Limited edition ....We also have the 2009 Christmas Ornament "Christmas Cheer" which is the beautiful bird--already have one in my stash!
Other pictures posted are from Plum Pudding and Prairie Moon-Beth and I have mixed feelings about the skeleton pictures--what do you think???
Well, off to help Nancy on the floor-hope you all are having a good day-can't believe that the sun is now out after a miserable morning-goes to show that things can go from bad to good rather quickly!!! Take good care---Molly


  1. The pins are georgeous! The skeletons remind me of the Nightmare Before Christmas!!

  2. I think they are over the edge!!!!

  3. The skeletons are different, that's for sure. I'm sure someone out there just can't wait to put that into their stash.