Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great news from the gals here-Nancy's newest grandchild was born on April 23rd-all are healthy and happy! And a Happy Anniversary to Abby and Jay!! We love you two!!
We are happy to say that it is mucho cooler here today albeit that it is grey- we received a huge box of fabric....Mary Anne, Phyllis and Eileen have it cut and labeled...
Now onto our stitching--
Our mail order guru, Connie is working on a Sampler Girl It's A Wonderful Life and a birth sampler by Praiseworthy Stitches for Chrissie (her daughter is to have her second child in May)-we changed the colors for our model and then Connie has changed again--
Phyllis is stitching Shores of Hawk Run-stunning.
Eileen is plugging away on Inspiration...
I (Molly) have found my niche in Country Stitches/ With Thy Needle and Thread figures...I have completed the Bunny (Hoppin into Spring) and am almost finished with the heart (Love Letters)..They are a-door-bell !!
Beth is seconds away from finishing Drawn Thread's Cici's Stitches which fits into the most gorgeous casket-photos to come...make sure you check back because this one is not to miss.

Enjoy your day and be sure to share your love !! Molly

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help we're melting

Well, today has been the fourth day of heat here in southern PA but today we are welcoming it indoors! Not!! Seriously, the a/c is not working but at least there is a breeze....Connie, Mary Anne, Phyllis and I are about to melt...but we decided to start a blog today--We will be updating it with pictures of what we are stitching, our loved ones, our lives-we welcome you to visit and blog along with us!!