Friday, August 27, 2010

More new!

The above four are new from Silver Creek Samplers...

From Nora Corbett...this one, by request, is offered as a chart!

Cute new Halloween by Elizabeth's Designs!

Beautiful "Remember Me" by Hearstring Samplery.

Two adorable new designs by Myrtle Grace Motifs...
Have a great weekend--

New from Homespun Elegance

Happy Friday--Hope you have as beautiful a day where you are as we have---the back door is open and we are soaking in the autumnal weather (don't say this where Beth is in armshot-she is not a fan of leaving this sauna summer we've had-don't understand that at all!)
We received several new, fabulous designs from Homespun Elegance with a cute, cute freebie (the design seen at the top)...Love the Witchville design-I am sooo into Halloween (like you couldn't tell that, huh??!)
Well, the Phils are finished with the Astros, thank goodness...I didn't get to watch any of the series but what I heard sounded painful...ugly...but I won't lose faith! They can do this-get to the playoffs...
All is good with the pups...thank you to all that ask about Nemo-he's fully recovered from his surgery and back to his crazy self...
Well, off to make some skus...will post more new as soon as it appears!
Have a great weekend-enjoy the weather and each other!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home again jiggity jog

Hey all-sorry I didn't get to the blog over the weekend-we did get Mom and Dad's doggie, Zoe to Tufts for her chemotherapy treatment...they have a terrific center with such a great staff-very caring...but I have to say I am too much of a marshmallow with animals...I have way too much empathy! I have had my share of trips to a center closer to home, Metropolitan...what a fabulous place that is-I am fortunate to be close to it...Good news that Zoe's concition is stable and that the chemo seems to have slowed the progression for now. :)
Anyhoooo-I am home and my own pups were so happy to see me-they all squealed (I'm not kidding when I say that either!)...and back to work I am with a big smooshy grin on! Yeah!
Well, things here are okay-I did miss stitching on Friday night and that completely had me bummed....I will not miss again, if I can help it!
The above are new from By The Bay, 1XStitch and PrimitiveBetty...and now Beth and I are gearing up for the cross stitch show in St Charles/St Louis...we love to see all of the new designs, we love to catch up with the designers, meet new designers, look for new ideas...Thank you to Deb F for all of the info you sent to us on the St Louis/ St Charles area...
Well, sorry if this blog is disconnected-still trying to find the "on" switch to my brain-yuck!
Hope all is good with you all--will check in tomorrow-and thanks for stopping by here-happy evening to you all!
PS What's up with the Houston Astroes and why do they always seem to spoil our fun??

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Previews from Blackbird and Shakespeare's Peddler

Hi all-Above is the next in Blackbird's Anniversaries of the Heart-I love the swans--I used to watch the swans (black and white) up at the Cape-so very elegant they now I'm on the watch for any patterns with swans...below is a bonus pattern which accompanies the above pattern--both are gorgeous!
If you haven't heard many designers are in the process of creating "friends" for the now famous Jenny bean...she is quite the popular girl, you know!! There will be all sorts of great designs coming-the picture below is one of Jenny's to be released at the upcoming market in St Charles... Beth and I are slated to go-we've been two years in a row now and love this market-full of great ideas, products, designers, distributors...Speaking of which...we are trying to decide where to stay, where to eat--does anyone out there have experience in the St Charles/St Louis area? we are taking recommendations!

Well, off to Brian's birthday party and then off to Mom and Dad's for a visit-am going to help them take their Zoe to Tufts for another round of chemo...she is doing good for now, thank goodness!
Have a good weekend and I will return on Thursday-if I get a chance I will update over the next few days--Godspeed to all!
PS Had a great visit from Peggy Lee-what a fun person!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uh Oh Jacki!

Coming from Cricket Collection are The Master and the Macabre, a salute to Edgar Allen Poe-it is a fabulous design... I love all of the symbolism-I'm going to have to go hunting for more info on the writings...Winter and Autumn are the next in her seasonal series and I have to say these two are better even than Summer!!
Oh uh Jacki-we're in trouble-this Branch series is soooo cute! Love that little owl with the hat...There are so many great Halloween and Autumnal designs coming out----what's a stitcher to do??? The "Halloween with a Y" and "Frolic in the Foliage" are from Blue Ribbon...aren't they great???
Beth and I have spent the past two days working on pulling orders and placing orders to our distributors...again, we thank all of you that joined us in our fun!
We'll be on the lookout for more new--and working on getting your orders out asap!
:) Molly

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank you!

A very big thank you goes out to all of you that emailed, sent in orders and came in on Friday and Saturday-what a fun few days it has been-we so enjoyed visiting, helping, laughing, and seeing all of your wonderful faces. We have received phone calls from many (a huge shout out to Terri-hope you continue to feel better! and Amy-sorry we got cut off again, Amy!) many of you really got into the spirit-Kim wore a Halloween t-shirt!, Lise wore a Halloween pin and got crazy looks from folks at Fresh Market...we got a chance to catch up with Pat P-we miss seeing you, Pat! We heard great news from Nikki about her's an amazing feeling to have such connections with so many of you-you all are more than stitchers, more than customers, more than faces or are dear friends and we love being able to have needle and thread to keep us connected.
We hope you all enjoyed the newsletter and sale as much as we did...and enjoy your stitching!

PS A new design from Amy Bruecken...Stack of Jacks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New With Thy Needle and Little House

Well, howdy to all-hope you had a good weekend-what a nice day Saturday was--Nemo is doing great-I tried to give him as much time as possible without his helmet on--Miley Coyote and Sammy-girl won't play with him once his cone is on :( So I played referee all weekend, making sure the play wasn't too rough, the running too hard, the licking/chewing (sorry to be gross!) was inbounds...but worth it so they could have fun! They make me laugh-they make getting up early in the morning fun!
So now to the stitching (which was not to be done this weekend!)...Little House will be releasing a fabulous Family Sampler-you will have the ability to personalize it with a surname, first names, pets , children...I love this one! And as a gift it would be terrific!!
New from With Thy Needle/Country Stitches are three more--Fraidy Felix will be a great companion to Boo Cat-and Felix has a cute little pocket! I love how they are doing these little Christmas bags--St Noel just arrived and that too is a bag with Santa on the front...Fruit for a Song-perfect for gardeners and for all of us that grow veggies and fruit not just for ourselves but also for the birds and other critters ( for me it is chippies and foxes)...
Hope all is good with you all-be on the lookout for news Wednesday...exciting!
Molly :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi all-Another busy week has flown by-Nemo had surgery this week (neutering) and so he's got his helmet on (aka halo)-my poor Sammy and Miley are terrified of him when he has it on-he is like a little alien to them! I think he thinks he is styling when he has it on-but boy, is he thrilled when it comes off!!
I pulled out my ABC Hornbook yesterday and I was right-I have down to the M is for Mermaid section finished-I stitched the Nightingale and Peach yesterday-it was fun to see it-As I hang with the pups this weekend I will be working on it-we'll see how much I can accomplish!
We received more of the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ornament issue-so if you didn't get one we still have some-I have put one aside for me-it is the best one so far (I think this is year three?)
Have a super weekend!! Enjoy the gorgeous weather!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heartstring Samplery

Hi there-Was just reading my newsletter from Shakespeare's Peddler...there will be several designers releasing designs from 'friends" of Jenny Bean-the first to release is Beth from Heartstring Samplery-I didn't realize that Poppy Maye Russell was a fictional character-there is a sweet little story about her in the chart-about her mother and father, about how she loved her name and always added her signature poppy flower...also added was a snippet from her English Reader (a real book-directions are in the chart as to how to find it online and how to download it)...This chart has now been added to my "to buy" pile and how fun it will be to collect all Jenny's friend's charts!! (I know, that has to be grammatically incorrect!! )
:) Molly

Monday, August 2, 2010

Primitive Trunk Show coming

Hi all-hope you had a great weekend-We are excited here as the trunk show from Primitive Needle is on it's way-I can not wait to see Witches Hollow!~! I love Lisa's designs-I have the ABC Hornbook started (about 1/2 way finished too!) and have many, many in my "to do" pile... the top design will be a kit available after late September...
Also new are four kits by Sticks...the original four have been very popular...At the top is a new design by Primitives by Caryn and the ornament is #10 in the Little House will be out late this month (who can stinkin' believe it is August???)
Beth and worked on mail order today so if you are waiting on your package be on the lookout this week!
Until tomorrow!