Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming from Lizzie Kate

Due in next week are the following items plus the last two parts of the Christmas Rules series from Lizzie Kate...pre-order yours today especially the Winter Fob kit as these are limited and we only order so many...I hope all of you are safe and dry-the rain has really started to pick up here and we are hearing threats of tornadoes-yikes!!
Take care of you!! M :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New designer and more

Howdy-The above are three designs from a new designer-Nikyscreations...very pretty! As I love deer so much I especially love the ornament at the top! These should be in early November...
Below are two coming from Glendon Place and two coming from Plum Street....
I visited my parents over the weekend and drove back Monday-it was good to spend Mom's birthday with her-a girl that is like a granddaughter to her organized a card party for her and she received over 100 cards-it was fun for her to get so much mail and see just how many people love her!!
It's raining here today-very peaceful-very warm-I know we will have many cold days ahead so we must enjoy the break, right??!
I hope you all are good-enjoy your day and don't forget to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you!
More later--Molly

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Oct 22

Hi all-well, I don't know about you but I am going to enjoy tonight's game so much more than the last two nights-I get so stressed watching our Phillies--and this weekend I'm heading up to see my mom(her b-day is tomorrow) so I won't be able to see the next two (wishful thinking??) games-maybe that's a good thing! Sometimes when I don't watch they do better-am I a jinx?? I definitely will be wearing my necessary attire...
Today's selection of new include Bent Creek, Blackbird Designs, Lila's Studios and Mosey n Me...there have been so many good projects out there-did I tell you I finished Jenny Bean's Halloween and it is hanging here at the shop (temporarily of course!!)...
Have a great weekend-enjoy the sunshine and your stitching!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New limited edition Just Nan due early Nov

Hi all-didn't want you to think that hammer injury had taken me down!! Haha@@!! All is good!! News--A new limited edition Just Nan pocket and thread winder are due here early November-we have six of each ordered so pre-order yours today!! This is the second in the series-the first was an owl pocket with owl thread winder (I think we have only one left!) Speaking of series, wasn't Roy Oswalt fabdabulous???!!! More later--Hope you have a good day-GO PHILLIES!!! Molly :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Just had to get this to you today! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Ripping up carpet

Hi all-Hope all is good with you all-It's Friday!! Yahoo!! And the PHILS start tomorrow-anyone else nervous besides Beth and me?? We aren't nervous about the wins or losses-we know they can do it-this anticipation is what's getting us!!

So if anyone EVER tells you that ripping up carpet is easy---NEVER, EVER believe them! I spent twelve-12-!@!@-hours yesterday ripping up carpet, padding and my hands! I got hit on the head by a hammer (supposedly not intentionally-hmmm) and then, because of the dust and fibers, having an asthma attack-almost had to call 911. What a mess~! But it is finished (save for throwing the carpet out the window)...
New pictures are from Little House, Mirabilia, Plum Street and Ink Circles...
Son't forget Stitching at the Ford is tonight...and The Strawberry Sampler is getting ready to celebrate our anniversary!! Check out the website for details!!

Hope to see you tonight--
Gimpy aka Molly

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New fromLittle House and Bent Creek

I have to say the last ornament by Little House has to be my favorite-it isn't here yet but it will be popular! Also coming is the design stitched entirely in a white silk-it can be stitched on any color fabric..very wintery! Last but not least coming soon is the second in this branch series by Bent Creek! Still love that little owl!!
Hope you all are good-did you all have wicked storms in the wee hours of the morning (3AM)??
Enjoy the pretty colors of the leaves-love the drive to and from work where the sun shines through the oranges, yellows and reds!!
Til we meet again--Molly

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where oh where have I gone?

Hiya all-so sorry that I haven't sent you all any newsy info lately-what with our Phillies and catching up from St Charles I haven't had a moment's break...sound familiar to anyone?? Wow, I used to think May was crazy but October is creeping into that have you all been? What are you stitching? I am almost finished Jenny Bean Halloween-with these nights of baseball and nerves i have been glued to my chair-I'm glad we have a reprieve tonight-no stress...

I am remiss in getting new pictures up-I will try my durndest to get more up this next week-Until then--GO PHILLIES!!! Have a good weekend one and all and forget not that Friday is Stitching at the Ford!! Be there!!
: ) Molly

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi there-and Happy Friday-I hope you have had a chance to visit our website to catch up on all of the new goodies from St Charles-I have to say the designers outdid themselves-there was sooo much to see-so many things I want to stitch and have stitched for the shop! We have been getting things unpacked, skued, out on the floor-Phyllis, Mary Anne, Nancy, Eileen and Stella have been working so hard...and to anyone that ordered from us, we so appreciate it! We are doing our best to get what we have here out-so you too can enjoy! I had too many favorites to mention-I hope you too find it inspiring.
And I hope you didn't have a horrific morning after the rain-it took me 75 minutes to get to work but after seeing the torrents of water I am just thankful I am not looking at a flooded basement, an evacuation, or worse...I hope none of you are facing anything like that.
To Janice, we send our deepest condolences...our hearts are heavy...we send our prayers.
To all-have a good weekend...enjoy your stitching...enjoy each other!